To kick off the new year, Eric and I recently headed to Mount Snow in Vermont for a fun-filled ski weekend. Below are some pics we snapped along the way.


I’ve been skiing a handful of times before, but this was my first experience taking actual lessons. Usually I just fumble my way up and down the bunny slopes. Learning proper skills and techniques definitely helped my confidence (if not my coordination) on the slopes.


After a while, I even started to look like I knew what I was doing.  Ok, maybe not so much, but at least I was able to avoid running into things (and small children).


And just when I started to get cocky, THIS happened.

Don’t worry, that’s not me on the stretcher! However, this wasn’t exactly a comforting image to see as I contemplated going higher up the mountain. Fortunately, this skier turned out to be ok. But Eric and I both decided that we’d had enough of the slopes at this point, so we put our skis away in favor of a hot cocoa break and something a little less strenuous…


Snow Tubing!

All Thrills + No Skills = Right Up My Alley!

But seriously, we had a grand ol’ time whizzing down the hill in our inflatable tubes.



Vermont is absolutely beautiful this time of year, and now I can totally relate to why Fitz and Olivia seem to love it so much (yes, I just revealed one of my guilty pleasures). I can’t wait to go back and get some more use out of my new ski gear. Speaking of which…

Stay tuned for an upcoming post that offers tips for newbies on how to pack for a ski weekend!


{Guess Coat via Burlington Coat Factory, Ralph Lauren Plaid Ruffle Blouse (similar here and here), Forever 21 Plaid Midi Skirt, J. Crew Shoes (similar)}

I snapped these pics over Christmas break before the temps took a nose dive, but I think this outfit would look equally as nice with tights and a pair of ankle boots (bonus points if they’re plaid as well!). I’m not sure what possessed me to put two plaids together, but I love how the finished product turned out. I think I’ll be mixing plaids more often!


{Marvin Richards Coat, Vintage Beret & Chanel Brooch via eBay, Vintage Sweater via Buffalo Exchange, Vintage Earrings via Cure Thrift Shop, H&M Striped Top, Zara Skirt, Wolford Tights, Christian Louboutin Shoes}

I showed a sneak preview of this sweater and beret a few weeks back, and here’s the complete outfit!  I got into vintage clothing and thrift shopping shortly after starting this blog, and I’ve been building up a nice little collection over the years (you can check out my favorite shops around New York City here).

I put this outfit together after watching the documentary Advanced Style on Netflix over the holidays. I was so impressed with how much pride the women in the film took in their appearance. One of them even mentioned how she’d save an outfit for years until she had all of the key pieces (including the perfect hat!) to pull the look together. After all, “You don’t show a painting until it’s done!” That’s sort of how I felt when this ensemble came together. I’ve had an idea of this outfit floating in my head for a while, but most of the individual pieces were purchased years apart. In fact, many of my favorite outfits came about in the exact same way: finding a fabulous skirt here, a wonderful top there…and finally finding the absolutely perfect pair of shoes to match months (or even years) later.  Unlike the woman in the film, I do wear my pieces even before I find their perfect sole mates, but it always feels like kismet when I find just the right match.


Sweet Little Nothings

January 10, 2015

Man, the first week back to work after a long vacation is always the toughest! I’ve been ripping and running nonstop, and I’m looking forward to relaxing and unwinding this weekend. You may recognize some of these if you follow me on Instagram, but here area few things that are making me smile as of late…

IMG_20150105_175728 It’s been a while since my last international adventure, but I still couldn’t resist this adorable passport holder from H&M.

IMG_20150105_173937 Speaking of travel…

I was dusting off my bookshelf when I realized I’ve grown quite the collection of travel guides over the years (this is only a fraction of the pile). I’m really into the power of positive thinking and manifesting thoughts into reality, and one of my tricks is to immediately purchase  a travel guide the second I get a yearning to visit someplace new. I like to read up on all of the local sites and customs and visualize myself being there. It’s worked so far, and I’ve visited each place for which I’ve bought a guide (with two exceptions that I’ll hopefully fulfill in the next 12 months).

IMG_20150107_234057As of late, I pretty much stick to the same pieces of jewelry each day. However, I was perusing some of my old blog pics and immediately started crushing on this combo from a couple of years ago. I think I’ll be revisiting this look soon.

IMG_20150108_202800 Oh, and if you didn’t know, I definitely have a favorite type of shoe. I’ll give you one guess what it is. The mint green pair at the top are the most recent addition to my collection, and I can’t wait to prance around in them this spring!

IMG_20150105_194050 And lastly, sometimes the best things in life come in little blue boxes.

One of the biggest changes I made early last year was finally going into business for myself (you can check out my company’s site here). It’s been one of the most rewarding and challenging things I’ve ever done, and I couldn’t be happier. To celebrate my first year of business success, I decided to treat myself to a little something from Tiffany’s.

I hope you enjoy your weekends, peeps! Make it a good one!



I absolutely LOVE to cook, but… I don’t really enjoy eating leftovers. Since there are only two of us in our household, finding recipes that make small enough portions WITHOUT wasting a ton of ingredients can be a doozy.  Enter my new obsession:  You can check out their site (and get two free plates!) here, but basically they offer a weekly food delivery service that ships a box of fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards on how to prepare each meal. I hate wasting food, and grocery shopping in NYC without a car can be a pain (not to mention expensive!), so this service has been a lifesaver for me.  In about the same time it takes me to wait for delivery, I can have a hot, delicious meal on the table that I prepped with my own two hands.

I’ve gotten about 3 deliveries so far and haven’t been disappointed yet. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my recipe adaptations with you all… starting with this delicious chicken schnitzel with red cabbage! The cabbage was actually meant to be served as a cold salad. But with the temps starting to plunge, I wanted something warm and comforting. Sautéing the cabbage a helped release some of its sugary juices and gave just the right finishing touch to this meal. Speaking of finishing touches, I think I’ll be adding dijon mustard to my chicken cutlets from here on out.  It added such a great flavor, and I think a touch of lemon zest mixed in with the bread crumbs would also be divine for next time.

But enough talk, and on with the recipe!

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