Closet Confection: Burger Joint

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{Gap Sweater, Elegancia Jacket (similar), Forever 21 Jeans, Chloe Aurore Handbag (tote version here, similar from Coach here),  Burberry Sneakers}

Today’s message is operating under the guise of an outfit post… but what I really want to talk about is one of my favorite (not so) hidden treasures in the city: Burger Joint.  I consider myself to be somewhat of a burger connoisseur (feel free to email me if you want my personal list of first-rate picks), and in my opinion this place offers one of the top no-frills burgers in town.  In addition to delicious eats, Burger Joint also serves up a really cool location.  It’s discreetly tucked away behind a curtain in the lobby of the super-swanky Le Parker Meridien Hotel and operates kind of like a burger speakeasy.  It’s always fun to see friends’ reactions when I walk them through the hotel’s posh mirror-lined and chandelier-trimmed atrium, only to wind up scarfing down fries out of paper bag in a wood-paneled room with graffiti on the walls 10 minutes later!

So now that we’ve gotten burgers out of the way, I will tell you about today’s outfit which includes two of my best bargain finds by far.  The first is my Chloe bag, which if you recall from a previous post, I scored for more than 80% off due to a combination of chatting up a lonely sales associate and a computer error at Bloomingdale’s.  And the second is my surprisingly lightweight but oh-so-toasty shearling leather jacket that I scooped up at  Daffy’s store-closing sale.  Every time I wear this jacket it serves as a testament that there is truly no shame in my clearance rack shopping game as this beauty was originally priced at over $1000, and I nabbed it for under $100.


Closet Confection: Cream of the Crop


Outfit of the Day: Forever 21 Dress & Sunglasses, Massimo Dutti Belt, Junior Drake Handbag, and Sam Edelman Sandals

Outfit of the Day: Forever 21 Dress & Sunglasses, Massimo Dutti Belt, Junior Drake Handbag, and Sam Edelman Sandals
{Outfit of the Day: Forever 21 Dress & Sunglasses, Massimo Dutti Belt, Amrita Singh Bracelets, H&M Ring, Junior Drake Handbag, and Sam Edelman Sandals}

Random fact about me: I love meatballs!

I don’t know what it is about those little round morsels that make my mouth water, but they are amongst my top food obsessions.  I’ve even been known to make the trek all the way out to Ikea in New Jersey just to get my swedish meatball and ligonberry fix. Yeah, I’ve got it bad!

Anyhoo, I wore this outfit on a quick jaunt to one of my absolute favorite restaurants… you guessed it, MEATBALL SHOP!  That place is pretty much meatball heaven.  On any given day, they have at least 5 different types of meatballs on the menu that you can have served either naked, smashed, as a slider, or with your choice of sauce.  My favorite is the Spicy Pork w/ Parmesan Cream. 

meatballsOh, and I did I mention they have icecream sandwiches for dessert?! You can never go wrong with 1 chocolate chip cookie + 1 peanut butter cookie, served with caramel ice cream.

Mmm.. Mmm.. Good!