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The Meatball Shop

True story: I’m addicted to meatballs!

Yes, you read that correctly. If I had to pick the perfect food, a meatball just might be it. I’ll take them in just about any variety: beef, chicken, pork, venison… whatever. I’ve even dragged my husband all the way out to the Ikea in New Jersey under the guise of needing a new throw rug or coffee table. But in reality, all I wanted was a plate of Swedish meatballs and a side of ligonberries. Yep, I’ve got it bad!

So now that you’re aware of my condition, I’ll let you in on another little secret. You can catch me almost every other week at one of my favorite casual dining spots in the city: Meatball Shop. My husband and I have been regular fixtures pretty much since the day opened their first location on the Lower East Side years ago. We’ve tried just about every combo (including chicken with mushroom sauce, beef with classic tomato, pork with parmesan cream sauce, etc…), and it’s hard to choose a favorite because they’re all SO GOOD.

I was recently invited to the Greenwich Village location to try our their all-new menu and was instantly impressed. They’ve expanded their offering to include vegan and gluten-free options, seafood balls, and even more great salad combinations. My friends and I like to dine out together, so it’s awesome that one of my favorite restaurants can suit just about everyone’s dietary needs. On this visit, Eric and I made it a family affair and brought Christian along. The restaurant staff were very accomodating – allowing us to bring in the stroller and offering a high chair. Right now, we just give Christian tiny nibbles off our plates to sample, but I can’t wait for him to try the kids menu when he’s older.

On this visit, we tried the Thanksgiving Platter with turkey meatballs, stuffing, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce. It was everything a comfort meal should be. We also got a few appetizers, including mozz balls, risotto balls, and mini buffallo balls (hubby’s favorite). Meatball Shop has a great selection of craft cocktails, and my personal favs are the Devil’s Juice Sangria (pictured above) and Fool-Aid Punch.

Oh, and did I mention they serve custom ice cream sandwiches for dessert? My all-time favorite combo is one chocolate chip cookie and one peanut butter cookie with caramel icecream in the middle.

If you’re ever in the mood delicious food in a warm and friendly atmosphere, I highly recommend checking them out. Meatball Shop has locations throughout NYC and recently opened a new spot in DC. And if you can’t make it in person, you’re still in luck because they have a cookbook available for purchase on their site. I got mine a few years back, and it makes a great holiday gift for folks who know their way around the kitchen.


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Around Town {Brunch at The Clocktower}

the clocktower - french toast

After more than 16 years of living in New York City, I now consider myself to be somewhat of a brunch connoiseur. But over the years, I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite haunts become increasingly crowded. Waiting over an hour for a table and bumping elbows with the stranger next to me are both surefire bellini buzzkills! Enter my new go-to spot… The Clocktower!

Located in the EDITION Hotel inside of the iconic Met Life building, The Clocktower is composed of three intimate dining rooms, a billiards room and a beautiful dark woodpaneled bar. I feel so chic and sophisticated whenever I go there. Hands-down my favorite menu item, the brioche French toast has a delicious carmelized sugar coating reminiscent of creme brulee and is served with two mouth-watering slices of smoked bacon!

If you’re ever in Manhattan looking for an upscale brunch spot, this is the place to be!

Around Town Lifestyle

Around Town: Sweet Chick


If you follow me on the ‘gram, then it’s no secret that I’m all about that #brunchlife. Every weekend without fail, Eric and I find ourselves cozied up inside some restaurant in the city huddled over a plate of pancakes or waffles with a glass of mimosa in hand. While we do like to try new places, we usually get so attached to our favorites that it’s sometimes hard to pry us away.  For pretty much an entire year we were glued to Landmarc in the Time Warner building (who doesn’t love a place that hands out free homemade caramels with your check?!), followed by an equally long stretch spent alternating between The Plaza Food Hall (watching the chefs prepare our meals right in front of us also doubled as our weekend entertainment) and Rue 57 (two words: blueberry. pancakes).

With a steady rotation of reliably good eats in our brunch repertoire, we weren’t really looking to add anyplace new to the mix until we stumbled upon Sweet Chick. I’m not sure which one of us got the hankering for chicken and waffles first, but we soon realized that none of our regular haunts served up this southern classic. After doing some quick bleary-eyed research from bed one Sunday morning, we settled on Sweet Chick… and the rest is history.

Sweet Chick brines all of their fried chicken in sweet tea the night before, which results in a bird that’s crunchy and well-seasoned on the outside, yet tender, juicy and slightly sweet on the inside. They then serve it alongside a belgian waffle that’s perfectly light and fluffy with a crisp exterior and also comes with a trio of flavored butters. And if chicken and waffles isn’t your thing, I’m not sure if we can be friends they also churn out a delicious stack of pancakes and to-die-for maple-glazed bacon.