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Another #BlackWatchFriday for the Books

Black Watch Plaid Family Matching Outfits{GAP Black Watch Plaid Dress (FACTORY version here), UNIQLO Coat, J. Crew Shoes (similar), H&M Beret and Shirt, GAP Toddler Pants and Shirt, STRIDE RITE Toddler Shoes, POLO RALPH LAUREN Rugby, LEVI’S Black Watch Plaid Jeans, SEAVEES Sneakers}

Some families shop on Thanksgiving… we prefer to wear plaid!

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday), I indulge my husband’s obsession with this famous green and blue tartan and don a head-to-toe black watch plaid look. The day is officially known in our house as #BlackWatchFriday, and it’s one of my favorite (ok only) sartorial celebrations. It’s even more fun, now that we can throw Christian into the mix. Last year’s family affair even wound up becoming our Christmas card.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into one of our family’s stranger holiday traditions. What are some ways you and your loved one like to get into the holiday spirit? I’m dying to know, so be sure to spill the beans in the comments.

Black Watch Plaid Dress
Black Watch Plaid Dress

Black Watch Plaid Dress


Happy Halloween

Well that escalated quickly…

I always planned to dress Christian as a lion for Halloween and had his costume ready for weeks. Since I already had a blue gingham dress, and thought “Hey, I’ll just wear that as a nod to Dorothy Gale.” All was good until I realized my red patent leather heels were in storage. “No sweat, here’s a perfect excuse to buy some ruby red slippers.”

Well of course as I was checking out, Amazon (in its infinite algorithm wisdom) suggested a little stuffed Toto in a picnic basket. So yeah, I bought that too. Everything arrives in the mail, I try it all on and realize “something” is missing from my getup… a white puffy sleeve blouse! After a quick online search, I realize that if I’m going to buy a blouse, I may as well go ahead and get the whole darn costume. So I did. And this folks is how I wound up as the only adult dressed up in costume at a children’s Halloween party.

End scene.

P.S. We look cute tho’. 😉
P.P.S. Eric refuses to be Tin Man.

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Apple of My Eye {Apple Picking at Hicks Orchard}

fall foliage, family road trip, adirondacks, hicks orchard, plaid dress{ZARA Plaid Dress & Rain Jacket, FOREVER 21 Fedora, J. CREW Rain Boots}

fall foliage, family road trip, adirondacks, hicks orchard, plaid dress, apple picking

fall foliage, family road trip, adirondacks, hicks orchard, plaid dress, apple picking

fall foliage, family road trip, adirondacks, hicks orchard, plaid dress, apple picking

Growing up in Michigan, apple picking was always one of my favorite fall past times. Just the memory of the smell and taste of hot apple cider and warm donuts is enough to make my mouth water. This year, we headed up to Hicks Orchard in the Adirondacks to take our pick of sweet honeycrisp apples. As usual, I picked waaayyyy too many apples. So over the past two weeks, I’ve made apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, and apple butter. You’d think I’d be sick of apples by now, there’s nothing like enjoying your own freshly picked fruit.

Since the weather was still cool and damp from a thunderstorm earlier in the day, I opted for new plaid raincoat and my trusty rubber chelsea boots. Wearing more than one plaid at a time used to give me pause, but now it’s one of my favorite looks. The trick is to make sure colors complement each other, and that the size of the plaids are similar in scale.