Happy Halloween

Well that escalated quickly…

I always planned to dress Christian as a lion for Halloween and had his costume ready for weeks. Since I already had a blue gingham dress, and thought “Hey, I’ll just wear that as a nod to Dorothy Gale.” All was good until I realized my red patent leather heels were in storage. “No sweat, here’s a perfect excuse to buy some ruby red slippers.”

Well of course as I was checking out, Amazon (in its infinite algorithm wisdom) suggested a little stuffed Toto in a picnic basket. So yeah, I bought that too. Everything arrives in the mail, I try it all on and realize “something” is missing from my getup… a white puffy sleeve blouse! After a quick online search, I realize that if I’m going to buy a blouse, I may as well go ahead and get the whole darn costume. So I did. And this folks is how I wound up as the only adult dressed up in costume at a children’s Halloween party.

End scene.

P.S. We look cute tho’. 😉
P.P.S. Eric refuses to be Tin Man.

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