The Plaza Hotelplaza-hotel-champagne-barthe-plaza-champagne-bar-8the-plaza-champagne-bar-4
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I’m not a heavy drinker, but I always welcome the occasion to sip a bit of bubbly!

After a long afternoon (mostly) window-shopping along 5th Avenue, Eric and I were in need of a bit of respite. So we ducked into the Plaza Hotel to check out The Rose Club and Champagne Bar. I’ve lived in New York City my entire adult life and was previously a regular fixture at Food Hall, but this was my first visit. As you can tell from some of the photos above, I was pretty giddy after just two glasses. But I was still able to appreciate and enjoy the elegance of our surroundings. If you’re ever looking for a small slice of classic NYC ritz and glamour, then look no further!

After a few drinks and light bites, we topped off our evening by taking a long romantic stroll along the river before heading home.