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CC’s Top 7 iPhone Photo Apps

Not gonna lie, I’m hugely addicted to Instagram! However, there are other ways to have fun with your mobile snaps. Keep reading to check out my (other) favorite photo apps of the moment. Enjoy!


Great photo-editing app with over 100 layers, frames and effects!  Perfect for when you want Instagram-type photos without having to share them on a public feed.


My go-to app for when I want to look like a cartoon character. I hear this one’s hugely popular in Japan, and it’s easy to see why!


Pic Stitch
If one picture is worth a thousand words, why not go with 3, 4, or 5?!


Ok, so technically I’m sneaking in an 8th app because I took the original picture using Hipstamatic.  But what I really want to highlight is the cool lightning effect that I created with LensLight.  Out of all the apps, this one might be my favorite!


Lisa Frank Pic n’ Share
If you ever had a Trapper Keeper, you can really appreciate this app and all it’s fantastic, throwback girly-glory.  My co-workers and I literally squealed (and held an impromptu photo shoot) when we first discovered this one!


Perfect for those times when just one photo won’t do!


Bring your words (or someone else’s) to life with this nifty little app that adds a lot of character to plain text.

 And there you have it, folks!  Did I miss anything cool?  Drop me a line in the comments if you have any suggestions that the rest of us can check out.

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