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Closet Confection: Cloudy Skies + A GoGoGolosh Giveaway

{Ralph Lauren Sweater, Paige Premium Denim Jeans, Lancel Tote, Miu Miu Shoes, Rain Boots c/o GoGoGolosh}

As I stepped out for brunch this past weekend, I felt like jazzing up my outfit a bit with a pair of fancy kicks.  And wouldn’t you know it; just as I was heading out the door, I checked the weather on my phone and learned there was a 80% chance of thunderstorms later that afternoon.  At that point, I’d normally have just two options:

  1. Throw caution to the wind and wear my heels with reckless abandon. Screw you Weather.com and your infinite lies!
  2. Put my precious shoes back in the box, and change into more sensible footwear. [Insert sad face here].

Luckily, the genius team over at Go Go Golosh came up with a third option and were gracious enough to let me take them on a test drive…


Ta-da! Enter these cool rain boots that fit over your footwear.  While growing up, I remember my dad wearing a similar contraption to protect his dress shoes. Years later, I always wondered why no one ever came up with something similar for women.  In any case, I’m glad they finally did.

And now for the best part…


These babies are PACKABLE and fit ever so nicely inside of my tote bag! They’re pretty light, so I hardly even noticed them.  I definitely plan on slipping them into my luggage the next time I go on vacation.

As luck would have it, it wound up pouring that afternoon.  And I was grateful to have my GoGoGoloshes to keep me dry.  They held up pretty well, and the only design flaw is that I wished there were some sort of drawstring or adjustable closure near the top of the boot to help them fit more closely to the leg. But all in all, I give them two thumbs up!


Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than slogging on a pair of rain boots because you think it’s going to rain only to have your legs encased in rubber all day while the skies are blue and the sun is beaming… Actually, scratch that. It’s probably worse to ruin a great pair of kicks all because you were too stubborn to heed the weatherman’s warning.  Neither option is fun, but now you can have your nice shoes and wear them too… in any weather!

GoGoGoloshes come in lots of fun colors, and you can check out more on their website at www.gogogolosh.com! For a chance to win a pair of your own, just submit your worst bad weather experience (shoe-related) to maria[at]gogogolosh.com. The best story wins a free pair, and everyone else will get a 30% discount code emailed for participating.

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