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Closet Confections: Beware of the Boys

{Tommy Hilfiger Coat, Ralph Lauren Blazer via TJ Maxx (similar) + Tie via eBay, H&M Shirt (similar), J. Crew Skirt, Banana Republic Ankle Boots, Oliver People’s Sunglasses via TJ Maxx}

I enjoyed this outfit so much that I wore it two days in a row!  The first time around, I just wore the skirt and top for a quick evening meal with Eric at Rockefeller Center.  The second time around, I was in a major rush to get ready so I just grabbed the same outfit from the day before.  As I was scrambling around for a scarf, I spotted my much-neglected tie collection and couldn’t resist adding one to my ensemble.  Since I already looked like I was heading off to class, I figured I might as well go all out and add my navy crested blazer.

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