Closet Confection: Easter Sunday

When: Sunday, April 4th

Where: To a matinee showing of The 39 Steps, followed by an early rooftop dinner at Terrazza Toscana

What: Vintage 80s dress ($39 Rock.Paper.Vintage on eBay), platform heels ($10 Steve Madden outlet store; $70 online), bag ($40 Kenneth Cole Reaction via Loehmann’s)

Ahhh… Spring is FINALLY here in the city!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this past week, and I was super-excited to wear one of the many cute new dresses I’ve been collecting since January.

I found this cutie on eBay last month, and I absolutely love it.  I’ll admit, a few years ago I used to turn my nose up at vintage clothing.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around wearing someone else’s musty old clothes.  It also didn’t help that a LOT of the vintage stores in Manhattan are terribly expensive.  In short, I didn’t know what to look for or where to find it.  But thankfully, I educated myself and have since incorporated a lot of adorable, unique finds into my wardrobe.

Now, about the shoes…

As much as I love online bargain shopping, I often find my best deals by pounding the pavement.  This is exactly what happened when I was trolling the Lower East Side and found a Steve Madden outlet that was having a 2 for $20 sale!  I was a little hesitant at first because the heels on these suckers are monstrous (for me at least), but they were surprisingly comfortable due to the platform sole.

All in all, it was a fun day spent enjoying the sunshine.  And it’s always great to start off a new season with a new (although I guess you could call the dress old since it’s vintage) outfit!

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