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Dude, Where's My Car? {What I Wore in Detoit}







When: Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Where: Detroit, MI

What: Tank, bracelet & ring (Forever 21), necklace (a gift from hubby), skirt ($30 Banana Republic on sale), handbag ($40 Kenneth Cole via Loehmann’s), shoes ($40 diBa via Filene’s Basement)

During the quickest trip ever to my hometown of Detroit, MI, I managed to squeeze in an excursion to the mall to pick up a wedding gift.  Ahhh, the memories…

Going to the mall was one of my favorite pastimes growing up, and I kinda missed it since New York City isn’t exactly known for it’s malls.  While it’s unbelievably cool to browse shops on 5th Avenue or discover new boutiques in Soho, there’s something to be said about going into a single air-conditioned building and popping in and out of your favorite stores while eating a Cinnabon and sipping on Orange Julius. It’s just plain American, in my book.

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