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Asos Salon Yellow Lace Dress

asos salon, yellow lace dress, nyc fashion blogger{ASOS Salon Dress, ZARA Sandals, VINTAGE Straw Clutch}

Who knew that walking down the street looking like a big ol’ yellow present would get you noticed..?

But seriously guys, I think this dress wins the world-record for number of compliments received. As soon as I saw it online, I knew I had to have it. It definitely makes a bold statement, so I paired it with minimal accessories – just a pair of bejeweled sandals and a little clutch was all that was needed.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then it’s absolutely no secret that I LOVE dresses, especially feminine statement-making pieces like this. My motto is that if you see a great dress… BUY IT! Even if you don’t have anywhere special to where it to right away. Over the years, I’ve found that the worst time to shop for an outfit is when a special occasion or important date is looming. There’s just too much pressure, and I can never seem to find exactly what I want. So I wind up just settling. But if you take my advice, and just get the perfect dress whenever you happen to run across it, it’ll always be there waiting for you when the occasion arises (and you’ll lower your chances of showing up to the party in the same outfit as someone else… oops!).

Anyhoo… when I recently stumbled across the Asos Salon Collection, I was like a kid in a virtual candy store. They have a swoon-worthy collection of party dresses in bold colors and fun embellishments. And the best part is that most of them are on sale for under $100 right now. Word on the street is that a certain blogger may have splurged on 3 (or 4) frocks to save for a rainy day!

asos salon, yellow lace dress, nyc fashion blogger
asos salon, yellow lace dress, nyc fashion blogger

asos salon, yellow lace dress, nyc fashion blogger

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