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Closet Confection: A Lesson In Warmth

January 23, 2014

{Juno Jacket (similar here and here), Zara Faux Fur Stole (similar), Neiman Marcus Hat (similar), J. Crew Fluted Skirt (similar), Cappelli Fleece-Lined Tights, 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Handbag, Coach ‘Lenora’ Boots (old, but you can still nab a pair on eBay.  I also like these from LL Bean)}

It’s freakin’ frigid in my neck of the woods, so I’m doing all I can to stay warm and toasty.  Not gonna lie, some days I go full on marshmallow-mode with a knee-length down parka and Uggs.  But most days I try to stay stylishly cozy.  My secret weapons are as follows:

  • Warm Hat: Bonus points for ones that cover my ears!  This hat I’m wearing comes with a nice fleecy lining around the brim that keeps me extra warm.
  • Furry Scarf: I picked this faux fur stole up at Zara on a whim, and I seriously think it’s my best cold-weather purchase in the past two years.  It adds an instant touch of glamour, and looks and feels surprisingly realistic.  I couldn’t find this exact one online, but I’ve seen them in Zara stores recently (and it also comes in leopard!).
  • Hands-Free Purse: When the temps dip well below freezing, it’s nice to be able to stuff my hands inside my jacket pocket.  This crossbody style purse helps me do just that.
  • Fleece-Lined Tights: Pretty much the greatest advancement in women’s hosiery in the past 10 years.  I’ve stocked up on a few pairs of these and much prefer them to pants or regular tights for keeping the winter chill at bay.
  • Snow Boots: I do a LOT of walking in the city, and it’s very easy for my tootsies to get cold.  Also, there’s nothing worse than ruining a good pair of shoes in the mucky slush and salty pavement.

So those are my tips, but what do you guys do to stay warm?

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