Closet Confection: Faux Sho’

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Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket + Wax Coated JeansLeather Sleeve Utility Jacket + Wax Coated Jeans2Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket + Prada Baroque ShadesWax Coated Jeans + Patent Leather Heels
{Stradivarius Jacket via eBay (similar) , Old Navy Tank, Zara Coated Jeans (similar), Celine Handbag,  Prada Sunglasses, J. Crew Heels}

Believe it or not, shopping for jeans is one of my least favorite activities.  The sizing is all over the place, and let’s face it: no new pair ever fits like your trusty old ones that have been broken-in to perfection.  In any case, I was in dire need of a new pair when I finally broke down and bought these leather-like concoctions.  As it turns out, there was no need to fret at all because this  pair fit like a glove as soon as I put them on (and didn’t stretch out over the two days in a row that I wore them!).  And dare I say they look a little bad@$$?!

My Favorite Faux Leather Picks


Closet Confection: London Calling

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Every year, my husband and I try to take at least one major vacation. So last month, we packed our bags and hopped across the pond to London. It was a second trip to the city for both of us, and we had a blast doing the usual touristy bits, scarfing down local cuisine (I drew the line at black pudding), and just simply enjoying one another’s company.

Check out a few snaps we took along the way…


I scored big time by doing a blind bid on Priceline.com for our hotel accommodations. We wound up at the beautiful St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.


I had every intention of taking daily outfit pics, but there was one slight problem: IT WAS FREEZING! Seriously, these few snaps outside my hotel room were about all I could muster.


Outfit Details: American Apparel Dress, Uniqlo Hat, Missoni Scarf via eBay, J. Crew Boots


Harrod’s Department Store! I could happily have spent an entire day here. The furniture and gift departments were especially breathtaking. Word to the wise for my fellow Americans: the exchange rate is NOT in our favor. So this was strictly a “window-shopping” excursion.


And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper British experience without High Tea at The Ritz!


Taking a spin around The London Eye was definitely one of our tourist highlights. Rumor has it that they’re building a similar (but taller) structure in Staten Island. I can’t wait!


A breathtaking view of the Palace of Westminster


One of the many perks of being a New Yorker is the ability to navigate foreign subway systems like a pro.


Even the phone boots were quaint! Well, at least from the outside… if you know what I mean.


The weather was pretty dreary during our stay, so it was nice to see a welcome blast of color.


And that concludes my London photo journey. Hope you enjoyed it!

And when we weren’t taking pics, here are some of the other things we enjoyed during our stay: