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Tip Top Shape with Sportswear Unlimited + 10% Off Reader Discount

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Earlier this year, I decided to branch out from my usual rotation of at-home fitness DVDs, and instead take more of my workouts to the gym and great outdoors. It’s been a blast switching things up and having an excuse to stock up on new gear. Throughout this experience, I’ve been chronicling my ongoing pursuit of styish and affordable athletic brands with you guys.  Recently I got in touch with the lovely folks at Sportswer Unlimited who offered to let me design my own custom workout gear.  I had no idea that was even a thing, and so I was immediately stoked to play designer.

Never one to shy away from color, I was drawn to this shocking pink canvas and decided to throw in some neon yellow accents for good measure. Because after all, most super-scientific research studies show that the more people who notice you when you work out, the more calories you burn.*

After a few clicks of my mouse, I was done designing my ensemble and I’m beyond pleased with how the finished product turned out. The moment of truth came when I took my leggings and half-zip top out for a test drive. The colors were really vibrant (which I loved!), and this getup turned out to be perfect for the chillier-than-usual early spring temps we’ve been having. Lately, I’ve been working on toning up in anticipation of short skirts and dresses this summer, so I broke out the thigh bands to focus on my bottom half. Not gonna lie… my workout session was a bit grueling, but the material held up great and seemed like it would do well over time.

I absolutely love the idea of having fun, unique workout gear, and I think you guys will too. So, I’m excited to offer a 10% discount code to all of my lovely readers who’d like to test drive Sportswear Unlimited for themselves. Just visit them online by April 15th and be sure to use code CLOSET10OFF to receive your discount.

Thanks for reading my review, and happy shopping!


* I totally made this statement up, and it has absolutely no basis in science or reality. 


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