jcrew-pink-coat-black-and-white-striped-dress banana-republic-black-and-white-striped-dress black-and-white-striped-dress black-and-white-striped-dress cole-haan-ankle-boots{J. Crew Lady Coat (25% off with code HEYSPRING), Banana Republic Black and White Striped Dress (also love this one for 40% off using code BRSPRING), H&M Brooch, Hue Tights, Celine Handbag, Cole Haan Ankle Boots}

I apologize if I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but… when all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with good ol’ black and white.  It’s one of my not-so-secret style techniques that has saved me on quite a few mornings when I’m short on time and need to get ready FAST.  I picked up this black and white striped dress on the clearance rack at Banana Republic a few months ago and had the hem let out a bit to add an extra inch or so in length.  It’s still short and flirty, but I definitely appreciate the extra coverage.

The first day of spring may be well behind us, but the temps have still been hovering just above freezing in my neck of the woods. So as much as I would love to have worn this outfit with bare legs and a cute pair of colorful pumps (my red patent leather pair would have worked beautifully!), I was stuck with boots and tights yet again.  To add a dash of color, I decided to throw on my bright pink coat (definitely one of my favorite sales purchases from last winter).

Last, but certainly not least, I added this striped ribbon pin that I picked up a few years ago at H&M and recently rescued from the bottom of my accessories pile.  I don’t wear it nearly often enough, but I love how it looks like it’s part of the dress. Now that it’s back in play, I’m planning to pair it with a few of my striped tees to add an extra bit of visual interest.

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