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Marching Orders {Military Jacket + Midi Skirt}

{Ralph Lauren Military Jacket (similar), Zara Shirt, H&M Midi Skirt, Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Boots (also available here)}

Well whaddya know…

The sun finally peaked out long enough for me to run outside and snap a few outfit photos without wearing over a gazillion layers. I’ve seriously worn this outfit at least 4 times since Valentine’s Day with intentions of getting pictures for the blog, but it’s been too darn cold and snowy in NYC these past few weeks.

Now about this jacket

It’s official; I’m in love! Little known factoid about me: I used to be a majorette in both my middle and high schools’  marching bands. So as soon as I saw this jacket in white on Pretty Little Liars (hey, don’t judge!), I made a mad dash to my computer to search for it online. And lo and behold, it was sold out. I let out a long wail, shook my fist in the air, and sobbed to my husband about how the universe was conspiring against me.

Just kidding! It’s just a jacket, and I didn’t get nearly as dramatic as that.  However, I was a little disappointed. As luck would have it, I was strolling through Macy’s a week later on my lunch break when I saw an entire rack of the red version hanging in the sales section. Could it really be? As luck would have it, there was just one left in my size, and the rest is history.

Now about  these boots

I’m in love with them too (yep, I’m a two-timer)! But seriously, with the constant stream of sleet, snow, and slush we’ve been having all winter, I was up to my eyeballs in clunky unattractive boots. I just wanted something sleek and polished that I could wear to client meetings without showing up in soggy toes or having to change into different shoes at my destination. Now, if you had suggested to me previously that I’d spend so much money on rain boots, I would’ve laughed in your face. But these have been absolutely worth every penny. I wear them constantly and get complimented on them each time I do. I kinda wish there was a leather version so that I’d have an excuse to wear them when it isn’t wet outside!

And that’s all folks. Hopefully this weather sticks around long enough for me to get back to my regular outfit posting. Thanks for reading!

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