Whoa Nelly… This sucker is huge!

Like any real New Yorker, I absolutely loathe Times Square.  But that didn’t stop me from braving the crowds this morning to head to the Grand Opening of this 90,000 square foot behemoth.

Like a giddy teen, I happily scoured 3 massive floors of cheap, girly goodness. After being handed a goody bag and a free gift card, all of us shoppers were greeted by dozens of screaming, cheering F21 staffers as we streamed into the store.

Forever 21 Grand Opening

As I descended the escalator, I was immediately overwhelmed with the sheer size of it all.  Luckily, everything was meticulously organized, and the store clerks were quick to refold and restock items quicker than you could blink. Some cool new additions that I noticed were a shoe salon in the basement along with a cosmetics section where they served up free manicures to customers.

2 hours and 3 fitting room trips later, I left the store unscathed and with the following bounty in hand:

Forever21 Grand Opening

The best part is that between my free gift card and F21’s bargain basement prices, I barely put a ding in my wallet!