Closet Raid: Halter Ego

Even though the weather’s been up and down, I’ve drawn a line in the sand and officially made the wardrobe switch (leaving out a few cardigans and light jackets, just in case). 

It felt so good to see my cute sandals, springy tops, and especially my beloved halter dresses again.  I can feel the sun on my shoulders already.  

I love weather dressing because it’s so easy—just slip on a dress, grab a cute pair of sandals, put on some sexy shades and GO!

If you’re like me and pressed for space (tiny apartment in the city), you’ve probably come up with some pretty unique solutions for storing extra clothing.  Over the years, I’ve become a pro at cramming lots of stuff into small spaces (without it looking messy, cuz I HATE clutter).  So stay tuned for my video tutorial on how I organize my closet, and some super-sleuthy techniques I use to store my shoes.