Waaaaayyyy back when my entire office was stuck working from home for over 3 months, my old boss got us all FitBits to encourage us to get out of the house and start being more active.  The gesture turned out to be a huge success, and I’ve been hooked on this sucker ever since!  In case you’re not too familiar with these little gadgets, FitBits are small wireless devices that you wear throughout the day to track your steps, calories burned, and stairs climbed. You can also wear them at night to measure sleep quality. While they don’t perform miracles, I definitely become more mindful of my activity levels and push myself to walk longer distances when I wear it.  And if you’re competitive by nature, it’s also quite fun to track your progress amongst a group of friends!

To be honest, I’d been neglecting my FitBit for a while after I lost my charger a few months ago.  The good news is that I found it, and the even better news is that Tory Burch is planning to launch a pretty cool line of FitBit “jewelry”. They’re not on sale just yet, but you can pre-order by clicking any of the small square icons below. I’ve definitely got my eye on the pendant necklace…

One of the biggest problems I have with my FitBit is remembering to put it on. But I think having it concealed within one of these pretty designs would help a lot in that department.  If the prices for the Tory Burch designs seem a little too steep (or if you’re like me and just can’t wait for the line to drop!), I also found some cute options while browsing Etsy.

From Google Glasses to smart watches, I’ve noticed the concept of wearable technology gaining a lot of traction over the past year or two.  I’m absolutely a gadget-girl at heart, so I’m very happy to see that manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to form factor.

Do any of you own a FitBit? What are your thoughts on wearable technology in general? Do you see it more as a trend or a glimpse into our inevitable future?